Sponsor Shabbos Meals

Masbia_of_Boro_Park_Shabbos.jpgYou can sponsor one guest for one Shabbos meal, Friday night or Saturday lunch, for $50, or both Friday night and Saturday lunch at $100. You can sponsor a family of five for one meal at $250 or both meals at $500, or all the guests for one entire meal for $5,400. The Shabbos morning meal is divided between the Kiddush, which can be sponsored separately for $1,800, and the actual meal, which you can sponsor for $3,600. Or you can choose to sponsor the whole Shabbos for $10,800. Each meal includes: pro-rated rent, all our weekend staff, mashgiach tamidi, food, wine, dishes, supplies, and cleanup.

Read more about Shabbos on the main Shabbos page here.

Contributions are tax deductible.

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